that's the way we get by... the way we get by... oh yeah.

chucky cheese's is one creepy place... and kids actually want to go there. chucky cheese and all his little robot minions look evil - what with all the clicky eyes, matted down synthetic fur and the creepy music videos... wow. i mean, don't get me wrong - i loved chucky cheese's when i was a child, and it really doesn't get any better than playing ski-ball [rather poorly, i might add] until you win a shit-tonne of tickets so that you can, in turn, exchange them for a useless but nonetheless cool toy at the toy counter, but good god... in hindsight, i should have been utterly terrified. on top of the strange characters in robot form, you've got all of the slightly awkward employees who stand around and stare, somewhat mindlessly [don't blame them, really... given that a job such as that would probably bore one to tears], and all of the 'older' crowd that seems to find itself in places like chucky cheese's [where a kid can be a kid] and should probably require some sort of police escort or some such nonsense. [wow, was that one hell of a run-on sentence or what? i'm on fire, people... oh yeah.]

i did find it interesting to realize how small everything seems inside chucky cheese's now... when i was a kid, everything seemed simply gigantic and flashy and overwhelming. now, it just seems slightly run-down and full of really tiny little games. even the ski-ball contraptions seemed to be on a miniature scale. this is rather significant to me, given that i am somewhat vertically challenged [commonly called a 'midget' even though i stand at the rather average height (for a girl) of 5'-4"] and most things and people tower over me... all this has led me to believe that the world is slowly shrinking [probably another side-effect of global warming and such] and that chucky cheese's is the first place where the results of said shrinking are beginning to register. you'll see - by march, the eiffel tower will stand no higher than my waist. just wait... it'll happen.


Candi said...

i know exactly what you mean. when i was little my grandparents took me to disney world and i was in awe the whole week at all the colors, characters, rides, the surreal fantasy.... then a couple years ago my husband and i went for a couple days and it was completely different. i remember looking closely at space mountain and realizing for the first time that its endless galaxy was acoustical tile painted black and the comets and stars were animated projections. i wanted my imagination to be reality, but i guess that's what happens when you grow up and lose that innocent sense of wonder. kind of sad really. sometimes i think it would be nice to see the world through a 6 year old's eyes forever.

Murph said...

It would be kind of hard to tell if the whole world is shrinking or if you're growing. To be sure you'd have to use something that isn't on Earth to measure the changes in size. If you're serious about getting this done, give me a call. I don't want to get your hopes up though, I've spent the better part of the last hour thinking this over rationally and I don't think that it's very likely at all.

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

When I was a kid, all pizza tasted great. Now I'm pickier. Did you have any pizza during your visit, and if so, how does it rate?

trinity said...

HOW GREAT! all through college michael and i talked about going to chuckie cheese's, and we never did! maybe that's a good thing... i'll keep the memories i've clung to for years.

and, by the way, i'm MUCH shorter than you. but you don't have me around to feel taller than anymore =(