these are the days of miracle and wonder...

top fifteen albums that defined my childhood [in no particular order]:

1] paul simon - graceland
2] tom petty and the heartbreakers - greatest hits
3] abba - gold
4] elvis presley - aloha from hawaii
5] elvis presely - blue hawaii soundtrack
6] fleetwood mac - greatest hits
7] neil diamond - reverend bluejeans
8] everly brothers - the very best of the everly brothers
9] miles davis - kind of blue
10] johnny cash - the sun years
11] roy orbison - oldies
12] andy williams - moon river
13] frank sinatra - the sinatra christmas album
14] emmilou harris - duets
15] the carpenters - singles 1969 - 1981

i can't really explain why i've been thinking about these albums so much lately... i guess it's just the music that flows through my mind most of the time - the kind of benevolent ghost that will follow me for the rest of my life. i know now how fortunate i am to have parents with exquisite taste in music [thanks, mom and dad] ... i had an appreciation for great music instilled in me at a very young age... my dad once told me that you remember your life through music - it has the power to conjure up memories, feelings and people long since forgotten. i whole-heartedly agree... music is my world... i guess i'm lucky i have a solid foundation...

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