the red ones never collide...

i still have this miserably stuffy cold this afternoon... the funny thing is that i stayed home last night instead of going to the abbey theatre [a sports bar here in rome] to watch game one of the world series... grrr... and i actually feel worse today than yesterday... so much for rest, i guess. i was pleased to wake up this morning to find out that the sox snuck by the cards 11 to 9... whew. i know that i'm supposed to be a cards fan, since i live in arkansas and all, but i really think that the sox deserve to take the series this year... so go sox!!! i'm quite sad to think that i probably won't get the chance to see another game, as they're all at 2am and i have a test and a project due on tuesday and a crit on thursday... sigh... maybe i'll get lucky and get to go on friday night or something...

i am really pretty sad about the hogs this season... i guess that it's pretty good that i'm not in the states or able to watch the hogs games on tv, as i tend to get really upset when 'we' 'drop the ball'... i was really hoping that we could crush the bulldogs at homecoming, but no dice... i just wish the hogs the best of luck for the rest of the season... what little of it is left.

i'm going to stop procrastinating now... ciao.

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Murrye said...

Hey Natalie,

I was in your landscape painting class. Trinity told me about your blog, and I've been enjoying reading about your experiences in Rome. It really makes me miss it! You even inspired me to start my own blog, but unf. it's not as interesting.
I hope you're painting while you're there. You could do some beautiful watercolors. Take care!