foulmouthed-ness... or something to that effect

upon hindsight of the posts i've published for the past week or so, i want to apologize for the rather abrasive nature of the language used in some of my posts. i have had a rough couple of days, but something tells me that it isn't right for me to be so harsh with respect to the people i've been in conflict with recently... they may not be what i - personally - consider to be 'good people,' and their actions towards me and my friends may not be respectful or professional, but am i any better for being so easily aggravated? for being so crude and even cruel when referring to them? it's a good question... for me at least. ... i have no right to pass judgment on these people. granted that yes, they have upset me and offended me greatly - but this, too, shall pass. just like everything else.

i believe in karma - what comes around goes around... c'est la vie. simple as that. period.

i just wanted to sincerely, deeply apologize if i have, in turn, offended anyone with my language, descriptors, or attitude in my recent posts... i guess i just let my frustration, etc. get the better of me... i will try with my greatest effort to control/edit my verbal/textual 'eruptions' as it were...

ciao [the update for the meeting with my landlord can be found following this post].


Chris said...

well, you've definitely displayed your emotions on this topic. maybe that's a good thing, as far as blogs go. at least we all understand how this situation is making you feel.

i think you should stop watching so many pirate movies though.

trinity said...

i started a blog! i started a blog!

natalie, i don't really get why you had to fill out all that paperwork. i think the rsc did it for us while we were there. seems like a big pain and waste of time. sorry to hear things aren't always shiny in rome. i still wish i were there though

natalie said...

trinity - what is the address of your blog? i'd love to see it.... please please please please let me know... ciao.

trinity said...