i just called to say 'i love you'

i am in love with these calling cards from orangebeautiful's etsy shop (btw ilu = by the way, i love you). i want to give them to my all of my friends... and by 'give them' i am thinking more along the lines of slipping them into purses/briefcases/backpacks (hopefully unnoticed), complete with some goofy picture of me with some ridiculous face... just to spread smiles around.

it's funny that i found these today (actually, i was looking at this delicious notebook that i am totally lusting over, when i stumbled upon the sweet little cards), because i was just talking with axel about how much i love to leave random postcards with funny little messages for people to find. this is one thing i am loving so much about europe - all of the free postcards everywhere with really cool pictures/phrases on them. (i actually have an embarassing number of these postcards in a basket in my closet. i think that i probably have enough stashed away to give postcards to everyone i have ever met daily for a year.)

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