a collection of silly nothings...

now that i've succeeded in alienating everyone who has ever read my blog, i thought that i'd go ahead and update this thing... i just got back from a ridiculous trip to new mexico... ridiculous in a really good way - in the i-didn't-want-to-come-home-kind-of-way. i'm a desert person and for some reason, i feel more at peace there than anywhere else. maybe it's the 'big sky' or maybe it's that at night [practically everywhere], it looks like someone's taken a satchel full of diamonds and thrown it into the sky so it looks 'like a backlit canopy with holes punched in it.'

being on this trip reminded me of how much i used to enjoy being outside as much as possible... being active as much as possible... it seems as though i'd forgotten that since i moved to fayetteville - surprisingly. i love coming home after a full day of traipsing around some unfamiliar place, feeling as though if i move just once more i will involuntarily collapse [not from lack of sleep... which has unfortunately been my trend as of the last four years]. i also love solitude [in doses] - being able to disappear for a while; to sit in complete solitude with the world swirling past you in easy waves whilst you sit in awe of what surrounds you. that is a great moment.

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