worry not, there is plenty of pain left to last you...

i have succeeded in digging myself into a gigantic hole - a pit, chasm, canyon, if you will - using, not a shovel, but a back hoe. it seems that i have landed in quite the predicament... being that i most likely will not catch up with all of the tasks that i am supposed to complete prior to the completion of this lovely semester [you're swimming in sarcasm, once again], should i just give up now and bask in my utter failure? or should i continue to try my damnedest to whittle away at what is left of my sanity [i'm running rather dry on my share of sanity at the moment]?

i say, 'ha. i defy you, sanity. i can do without you... i will most likely have more fun without you... who needs sanity anyway - i can now have a wonderfully viable excuse to make a complete ass out of myself on a regular basis ['you see, she's just crazy... pay no attention to her'].'

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honestyrain said...

you will not fail. you are not the failing kind. you've got success written all over you. take a nap and get back to it.