yass, yass... that's raht, ah'd like some ass-tay

whassa happenin' hot stuff? ... sorry, i had a little 'sixteen candles' moment, there... today is a be-a-u-tiful day in roma. no more rain [at least for now] and a simpson's sky and all that jazz. i'm designing a museum and a restaurant and a tourist information center and a piazza and an outdoor theater, all right in front of the coliseum [kind of]... i'm starting to get excited about my project... woo!

my mom is in rome and we're having a blast... i took her to the vatican museums with my class yesterday morning... she got to meet emilio - tee hee - and got to walk around non-stop, up and down stairs, ramps and what-have-you from 8 in the morning until 1:30 in the afternoon... when we promptly caught a cab to 'pizza creeps' [aka pizza buona... we've dubbed it pizza creeps because david didn't know what a crepe was and asked what a 'creep' was... long story... think i've told it before... whatever]... mom's a trooper. we also got to go to my favoritest restaurant in rome, right next to the portico d'ottavia: da giggeto... oh man... so good. and the gentleman who was waiting on us totally made my night: i'm collecting corks from wine bottles so that i can make a wall with them [round end out] and it will be all swell and stuff... well, i asked him if i could keep the cork from our bottle of wine, he asked me why, i explained... not only did he give me the cork from my bottle, but from 30 other bottles as well... he also told me that if i call to make the reservations for dinner in advance, he can give me many, many more... they apparently open a lot of wine every day [duh!] and they don't keep the corks... so they're very happy to give them away... yea!!

aaaanyway... only bad news i have from the past two days is that financial aide sucks... i'm getting the runaround [what else is new] and now i get to try to figure out how to fund the rest of my trip... all will be well in the end... i hope... i guess that if it's not one thing, its another - so i get to make the best of what i've got.

i'm off to show my mom the over-whelming-ness of saint peter's basilica... this should be fun... i can't wait to see the look on her face... tee hee...

ciao kiddies!

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Murrye said...

good idea with the corks. my mom had wanted to collect corks and make a 'cork garland' for the christmas tree. i didn't think of going to a restaurant, but my roommates and i built up quite a collection. unfortunately i forgot it at the aparment. sigh.