we should call him 'suck face' instead...

two words: graham coxon. you should click on his name right now and go check out his music [pronounced me-you-sack by most of the italians that i have met... it's so cute.]... it's some good stuff, man. i had the distinct pleasure of being kidnapped last night by my friend, ottavio. he hijacked my evening and took me to the graham coxon concert at a swingin' hot spot called circolo degli artisti and it was wonderful because, not only was it just a really cool, small club for concerts and stuff - complete with its own wall-bar - but it also reminded me of jr's... it was kind of like being at home again, except that i was surrounded by people who couldn't speak english and i had to/got to speak italian to all of ottavio's friends [let me remind you that when i speak italian, i sound like a very very very stupid three-year-old...]. it was a grand evening...

before i was kidnapped and taken to the concert, i had the pleasure of cooking dinner for nine people - me, brad, camille, kristen, alenya, [the next four are from the university of miami] rachel, kara [i found out that it's spelled with a 'k'], sherry and morgan... wow... i made [in order of appearance] a tomato, feta, and field greens salad - complete with my own garlic-vinegar-dressing concoction - followed by garlic-pepper chicken over fettuccini topped with a white-wine-sautéed mushroom cream sauce, fresh green beans and wine [brought to my flat by my lovely guests], and finished off with apple crisp/crumble [whatever you want to call it] and coffee with bailey's. i felt bad because everyone got there before i got finished cooking and i was all hot and disgusting and stuff... oh yeah, and the cream for the cream sauce decided to explode all over my black shirt and the flour from the apple crisp decided that my black over-shirt was a wonderful host... basically, i looked like i had been rolled in all of the ingredients for yesterday's dinner... it was marvelous... anyway, we all ate and the kiddies from miami started teasing one-another about being in 'the clean plate club' and a whole lot of other clubs that i don't have the brain capacity to remember the names of and it was a grand old time... i also got to play everyone some stephen lynch... so funny... so so very funny. i played 'why mommy left us' and everyone was tickled pink and stuff - i like stephen lynch very much... yes, yes, he is most entertaining.

on the morrow, i will be going to villa lante and caprarola and hopefully, i will be headed to ottavio's home town [i honestly can't remember the name of it] along with his entourage to see his band 'candy and sky' perform tomorrow evening... yea!!! it will be a good weekend... come hell or high water, this weekend will rock my socks off... oh yes. oh yes.


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