on my way!

finally some good news: i have been accepted to the daap at the university of cincinnati to pursue my masters in community planning with a focus on international development (no, i am not going to the dark side. i am not on the way to becoming a developer... just read the wiki article) in the masters international program (i will due a two-year stint in the peace corps - pending my acceptance there, as well - sandwiched in-between two years of study).

after everything that has happened this year (getting so sick i had to go to the hospital several times, losing my job, having to bury my older brother last month), i was literally so over the moon about my admissions letter that i had a bout of cry/laughing (while doing fist pumps and a happy dance around my room at 2am).

so it begins, i suppose... or continues on a new path, rather. now all i have to do is get accepted to the peace corps, find an apartment in cinci, ship my stuff home, ... ok - so i still have quite a bit to do yet in the next two months... but i am going to take a bit of time and really, really enjoy the bit of good that has (finally) come my way this year.

in the wake of this, i hope that something really good comes your way, too ... and if nothing good seems to be looming on the horizon, just be patient (i cannot believe that i - the least patient person in the world - am giving this advice, but c'est la vie), keep your chin held high, and keep a smile on your face.



Anonymous said...

Much deserved! Good luck, and cheers!

Meghan Phillips said...

i absolutely LOVE you (still to this day, big homie) and I'm so very freaking proud of you! You always talked about the peace corps and you're doing it. I admire you, in every freaking way possible. I love your black little heart and would love to see you as soon as stinkin' possible.

ljc said...

So when you say that you hope that something good is coming my way, does that mean YOU. I am coming to Cinci. Period. Hurry home and let's find what could be a future favorite coffee spot for you, in Cinci. Do you thing you could live in John and Sam's garage? I am so excited for you to be so close!

JAMES said...

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