a little something you should know...

i just finished reading the last lecture by randy pausch. it made me laugh, cry, and think a lot. this man was 47 and was given a death sentence - pancreatic cancer - and instead of spending his last months in despair or wallowing in pity, he chose to share a little bit of himself and leave a bit of profound advice for his very young children (and all of the people who read his book/watch his lecture, by proxy).

here are his words:

i have been repeating several things in my head of late, and they have only been reinforced by hearing and reading what dr. pausch had to say...
the first is what has become my new mantra: 'live fully, love deeply, and smile with your eyes';
the other, i found on an antique wax seal: 'dum spiro spero.' in latin, that's 'while i breathe, i hope.'

so, keep hoping and never stop finding ways to get over/around/through any of the brick walls you may come against.


Deb said...

Dearest Dear Natalie,
This is Deb Davis, the soul that you met at Riverview Emporium in Norfork, Arkansas while you were visiting your parents. I think of you often and keep informed of your latest adventures and experiences from your Dad. What a beautiful passage you are being given with the windows and doors flung wide open for your next adventure of growth. Please understand the empathetic showering of good wishes, as I remember how soothing it was to me when my windows and doors were flung open. Trust me...it will be perfect, what ever you decide or what ever positions itself in your path. Movement and decisions are a loving sign of growth and the alternative is "so NOT you".
Your Dad said that your body is screaming and challenging you with even more distractions, but grateful that the tests came back in a positive light. You have all the resources and strength that you need, just remember to ASK and it is so POWERFUL how it unfolds.
You have lots of souls the love you dearly and you have touched so many people with your life.
Look forward to hearing from you and maybe even seeing you again. You are a beautiful old soul, and blessed beyond description.
Deb Davis

Jamie Parfitt said...

I'm typing through tears. As a wife of 24 years, being just days short of 47 myself, that just wrings my heart. To go on without the love of your life and the one you NEED to help with teenagers (yep, it's the hardest thing in the world: living with and trying to help teens) is the scariest thing I can think of. I appreciated his remark about cancer giving them more time to talk than a heart attack would. But still..."Please don't die." We all will someday, but it SEEMS like it would be easier if the person had lived a full life. Anyway, God is in charge, and He doesn't make mistakes. This man's comments may help many, many people think differently, think better, about the future; about this coming year! Thanks for sharing the link.

Love, Cousin Jamie