dearest, silly, out-of-touch teabaggers

if you are a political teabagger, or are taking part in the effort to 'teabag obama' or to 'teabag the whitehouse' and you are wondering why people at large are laughing at you and not taking you seriously (well, besides the fact that it seems you cannot decide what exactly you are protesting), please have a look at the video below and be enlightened.

and, as my personal contribution to you, here's another handy little resource for you to use before you go naming another national movement: the urban dictionary. maybe it will help you keep from referencing 'taboo' and very non-republican-like sexual activities next time around.

... i hope that this also clears up why people (myself included, because i am totally immature like that) find the fact that dick army is one of the major supporters behind (or in this case, above) the teabagging initiative is so damn funny.

happy teabagging, teabaggers!

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