this absolutely adorable little bundle of joy is magalie - my colleague's niece... that hat on her head... that is one of mine! seriously though, check out those cheeks. this little girl is so precious i can hardly stand it.

when i found out that julia's (said colleague) sister had had her little girl, i got into knitty-mode and made this hat with this yarn (because it's my favorite and it so unbelievably soft... it is such a joy to knit with) for her. it is one of my favorite patterns and it's a one-night-movie-watching kind of project... just my style... and also, apparently, magalie's.



Meghan Phillips said...

awww. it looks so perfectly made for just for her! only your black little heart could be so sweet!

jacinta said...

It looks badly made and a bit retarded. The hat ain't so good either...LOL

Meghan Phillips said...

I think that doing pictures for your family would be an absolute honor... Still have my phone number and everything? Let me know. loves.

Joanna Goddard said...

SO CUTE!!! i would love to "meet" your friends in saudi -- that would be amazing! :) joannaxoxo