the steam from your cup...

i am in the midst of jetlag recovery... in which, i attempt to sleep at a reasonable hour (so that my body will re-acclimate) but find that i am still awake at 4am... and thus absolutely exhausted when it comes time to go to work. therefore, i am consuming enough coffee today to keep an army awake. bring on the jitters.

last night, i attempted to keep myself awake until said reasonable hour by starting a new knitting project with some absolutely delicious cashmere... but first, i had to wind the yarn into a center-pull ball. instead, i ended up fighting with an unbelievable knot in my yarn for about 2 hours. because i am so stubborn and because the yarn was so pricey, i fought and fought (and honestly, i know that i completely freaked out a few times) and finally got the knot out - using scissors was not an option, you see.

so, hopefully, in a few days, i will have pictures of a beautiful new cashmere cowl to show off, as well as some absolutely amazing photos of my vacation in the hills of arkansas (and a few of my absolutely amazing, beautiful, brilliant, wonderfully cuddly niece).


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