four and a blog-full of lists

4 more days. 4 lovely little chaos-filled days left until axel and i make our way across the pond for some much-deserved vacation in the states.

i am unbelievably excited to go home a) because it has been a year since i have been to the states, b) because i get to introduce my guy to my family and friends, c) i get to see my family and friends, d) southern holiday food [i am currently accepting that whatever weight-loss plans i have had will be totally shot to hell within about 24 hours of arriving in the u.s. (see the next point)], and e) because lovely, lovely dara is throwing a big gumbo party the day after we arrive.

though i am totally enamored of europe, there are a few things i supremely miss about the states -
1. friends and family (as mentioned above)
2. advil
3. cajun/creole cuisine (yes, i know that they are different, but i am putting them in the same category so deal with it)
4. pie
5. really cool little bookstores with books written in english
6. really cool little crafty stores
7. mexican food
8. my library (currently in boxes and in storage at my parents' farm)

... i could go on, but i will probably just seem silly. most of the things that i miss are fairly minuscule, but they are still very important to me in one way or another.

happy pre-holiday nonsense to everyone.

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honestyrain said...

you have such an intersting life. it's what got me reading you in the first place. remember way back when? i stumbled on you and loved your header photo. you've really taken an interesting path at such a young age and i admire that. i don't think i would have ever had the courage.

have an excellent trip!