mom, dexter's wearing my tights again

i spent the day getting lost in dubai... dad and i started in the 'deira city center' - i have never seen so many people in one place in my life. ever. it's a shopping center that goes on and goes on and keeps going; and apparently everyone, their mother, their dog, and their 12 closest friends were there today (thursday the equivalent to saturday here... it's the big 'shopping day,' i'm told). after we spent about an hour getting lost in a building, i was given the car keys and set out to get lost in the middle of a city. woo.

i didn't get into any car accidents today - whew - and i finally got to go to the beach... although today wasn't the best day to be hanging out in the sun, as it reached 50 degrees centigrade today (122 degrees fehrenheit) and i wasn't quite in the mood to end up in a puddle on the sand. so instead, i sat outside after the sun went down (still in the heat, still in the humidity), and smoked hubbly bubbly with my dad - his first time.

sweet. action.

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trinity said...

we need pictures!!!

i'm so glad to hear things are going well! keep up the posting.