apparently sedatives/tranquilizers/what-have-you have no effect on me, even when sleep-deprived and all that nonsense. i had an mri today... and i get to have another one on monday, at no additional charge, because i apparently can't sit/lay/be still, even when strapped to a table, under the influence of tranquilizers for anxiety and whatnot, and running on about two hours of restless sleep. i should have been a freaking corpse for an hour but no, i'm little-miss-wiggles. what joy is mine.

i do have to say that i am most pleased that the kind people at the mri place decided to give me an afternoon appointment, given that i'm not a particularly pleasant person at the ass-crack of dawn, much less at the ass-crack of dawn on what is supposed to be my winter vacation.

i actually read the pamphlet they give you in the waiting room while i was - umm, yeah - waiting... i found out that i could have a 'friend or loved one' accompany me in the room while i'm put in a tube. this sounds all swell and dandy, but i know my friends - and love them, mind you, with all my black little heart - and my friends would taunt me, make fun of me, tickle my feet, take strange pictures [i don't even know if that's allowed, but you get my drift anyway]... basically torture me in any way possible for an hour. might make things more interesting, but seeing as i have a case of ants-in-my-pants as is... i think i'll forgo that privilege for the present.


meghan... you know... your mini! said...

you my dear... have ants-in-your-pants and you are very right. we would totally make fun of you... we being Jo and I (and I being as if i were still in Fayetteville.)

honestyrain said...

sweeeeetie! why are you having an mri. i haven't been here in so sadly long. i hope you are well, whatever it is.

i could never sit still in a tube. i would FREAK.

i hope you are doing well. happy holidays!

by the way, i guess cgris ahs quit blogging altogether? tell him i said hello and he is missed.